World Sight Day (WSD) is a yearly day of awareness to focus global recognition on blindness and vision impairment. The world Sight Day held on the second Thursday of October each year.

World Sight Day
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World Sight Day

Who Started World Sight Day?

World Sight Day was originally initiated by the SightFirstCampaign of Lions Club International Foundation in the year 2000. It has since been blended into VISION 2020 and is organised by IAPB in cooperation with the World Health Organization.

Themes Of World Sight Day from 2000:

2000: – no theme –
2001: – no theme –
2002: – no theme –
2003: – no theme –
2004: – no theme –
2005: The Right to Sight
2006: Low Vision
2007: Vision for Children
2008: Fighting Vision Impairment in Later Life
2009: Gender and Eye Health
2010: Countdown to 2020
2011: – no theme –
2012: – no theme –
2013: Universal Eye Health
2014: No more Avoidable Blindness
2015: Eye care for all

More About World Sight Day:

World Sight Day Social Messages

World Sight Day Implementation Pack

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