Tempura Day

Tempura Day comes on January 7 of every year. Tempura is a kind of Japanese dish that made from seafood and vegetables which are battered or deep fried. The term “Tempura” refers to the European roots of the dish. It originated from the Latin word “Quattuor Tempora” which relates to the days when Catholics have eaten fish and vegetables instead of eating meat. According to the Latin, The word Tempora means times or period which is used by the Spanish and Portuguese missionaries that refer to the Lenten period of Days of Ember. The name may be derived from Portuguese, but it gains popularity in southern Japan. They refer Tempura to any food that prepared by using hot oil. Nowadays the term Tempura relates to the satsuma age a type of fried fish cake which is made without batter. So Tempura Day is a perfect day to have a taste of tempura with your family members and friends.

History of Tempura Day

Millions of peoples enjoy the taste of Tempura around the world. It is made from either seafood or with vegetables which are battered and fried deeply. The recipe Tempura is introduced to the Japan by the Portuguese Jesuit missionaries in the year 1549. There is a belief Portuguese Jesuit Tokugawa Isyasu, the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate of Japan, loves tempura very much. From the period of Genroku era (ranges from September 1688 to March 1704), Tempura is a very familiar dish that often eaten at street vendors called “Yatai.”

Tempura Day
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Tempura Day

Nowadays, the chefs all over the world include the dish tempura on their menu’s by using different varieties of batters and ingredients that include zucchini, asparagus, non-traditional broccoli and dry fruits. Some of the meats, chicken and cheeses especially mozzarella are served like tempura style in some American restaurants. A recent variation of tempura sushi has the entire pieces of sushi will be dipped in batter and tempura fried, has been made especially for sushi lovers.

How to celebrate

Celebrating Tempura Day is quite easy by collecting or gathering the ingredients and make the tempura dish of your own. Then you can invite your family members, friends and even co-workers for dinner and serve them the tempura dish that you made of your own. You can use #TempuraDay to post on social media.

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