Static Electricity Day

Static Electricity Day comes on January 9 of every year. The imbalance of electric charges within or on the surface of material is known as Static Electricity. The charge will remain on the material until it tends to move by means or using electrical discharge or electric current. The term Static Electricity is called in contrast with current electricity, which transmits energy by flow through the wires or other conductors. We all experienced the Static Electricity by grabbing the door handle in a cold, dry day or by experiencing the magnificence of natural lightning. You may experience it by walking across the carpet in wool socks or by putting your friends purr box kitten. There is a simple fact that Static Electricity may add a little spark to your day.

History of Static Electricity Day

The inventor or creator of Static Electricity Day is still unknown. Static Electricity is formed when two insulators rubbed with each other. It generates a static field which of imbalanced Negative and positive Charged ions. When charged insulators became contact with conductors like metal, the charge will be released. This is the reason you get shocked when you grab the door handle after crossing the room in wool socks. Drier air is better than humid air to generate Static Electricity. This proves that you experience the feel of static electricity in winter season more than in summer season.

Static Electricity Day
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Static Electricity Day

How to Avoid Static Electricity

In winter seasons, Use Humidifiers in your home to put moisture back into the air. Putting our skin on moisturiser before getting dressed is very recommended in winter season because our skin will be drier in winter months. Wearing synthetic fibres that are made from natural fibres like cotton will helps in reducing the amount of Static Electricity that is stirred up. Always hold a key or pen which is metal while walking around the house, workplace or in shopping malls. It helps in discharging the Static Electricity from the body without any pain. Wearing Leather shoes rather than wearing rubber shoes will reduce the amount of Static Eletricity.

How to celebrate Static Electricity Day

Celebrating Static Electricity Day is quite easy. Just simply learn more things about the facts which cause Static Electricity. You can conduct small experiments with your kids to show them the causes and effects of Static Electricity. With that, you can teach them how to avoid Static Electricity in winter seasons. To post on social media, you can use #StaticElectricityDay.

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