Old Stuff Day

Old Stuff Day comes on March 2 of every year. It is a day to appreciate the beauty of things that are ancient and vintage. It is otherwise called as National Old Stuff Day in the United States of America. On this day you have a chance to get rid of the old stuff that you do. So, Old Stuff Day is an opportunity to do something new like a new hobby.

History of Old Stuff Day

The creator or inventor of Old Stuff Day was still unknown. Some peoples often see some old things as something that is to be replaced by newer, shinier things and not all of them are useless. For Example wines, they are tastier and valuable when they grow older. Many things like maps, jewelry, clothes, artifacts, and books will gain more value when they become aged. This is because of aesthetics and quality of the old historical era and technology that may not exist in present times. More than inanimate items, wisdom, and knowledge are the things that we can get from old peoples. From the old family members, one can know their family members, old genealogy, and ancient origins. Old people will give you high and most colorful accounts of the early days that any history book can. Hence Old Stuff Day is a day to learn the new things.

Old Stuff Day
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Old Stuff Day

How to Celebrate Old Stuff Day

Celebrating the Old Stuff Day is quite simple and easy to remember. Just find some old photographs, toys, and memorable things, then share those old memories to family members or friends which are related to that stuffs. Learn the new things by watching the history channel, searching through Wikipedia and by reading the books.Spend some time with your grandparents and ask them to tell their childhood stories. To show your feelings in Social Media, You can use #OldStuffDay.

There are nearly 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with Happydays-365.com. Happy Old Stuff Day.

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