Nothing Day

Nothing Day comes on January 16 of every year. The day is created to offer a day to Americans when they can just sit without celebrating, honouring anything or observing. The day is about doing nothing at all on that day. The term Nothing is indefinite which means no thing or not anything. It means to the person or thing with no importance, interest and consequence. The Nothing Day is not a public holiday, but it is a beautiful day to sit out and celebrate the day without doing anything or observing anything.

History of Nothing Day

The Nothing Day was celebrated on January 16 of every year from 1973. The day was proposed in 1972 by Harold Coffin, The American Newspaper Columnist. The day was created with the aim of self-destruction, over satirically reigning in what Coffin studied a glut of newly entrenched, useless commemorative days. To raise the awareness about the day Coffin’s Nothing Organisation was formed. But up to now, the organisation has not conducted a single meeting to raise the awareness about Nothing Day

Nothing Day
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Nothing Day

There is a debate about “Nothing” between the philosophers and writers. Philosophers had said that the term Nothing is useless to endeavour because there is nothing like nothing and to answer that question one must find nothing. Among physicists, there is a disagreement about the nothing in outer Space. Some of the said that the vacuum, without of anything is not nothing, (Even though vacuum doesn’t have gravity particle it has some quantum particles).

How to Celebrate

Celebrating the Nothing Day is quite easy by observing nothing on that day. You can learn more things about Nothing and how it features in Science and Philosophy. You can use #NothingDay to post on social media.

There are 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with and Happy Nothing Day.

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