National Trail Mix Day

National Trail Mix Day comes on August 31 of every year. It honours the mix that was developed as a high energy snack comprised of dried fruits, nuts and energy snacks. This Trail mix will be taken while walking or making a trip. Trail mix is an ideal hike snack food which is very lightweight, easy to store, nutritious and gives the energy to boost quickly from the carbohydrates in the dried fruits or granola as well as sustained energy from the fats in the nuts.

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History of National Trail Mix Day

National Trail Mix Day was invented in 1968 by two California surfers who mixed peanuts and raisins together for an energy snack. But the novel The Dharma Bums, written by Jack Kerouac’s in 1958, trail mix is mentioned when the two primary qualities describe the planned meals in preparation for their hiking trip.

National Trail Mix Day
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National Trail Mix Day

Other Celebrations on August 31

August 31 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Trail Mix Day

Celebrate National Trail Mix Day is very easy and simple. It can be done with your trail mix using your favourite ingredients. Many varieties of trail mix are available at your near grocery or favourite store. Buy a tag for eating pleasure, for the office or any favourite hiking crew and loved ones. Enjoy every single crunch of your trail mix as you conquer the trails. Use #NationalTrailMixDay to post on social media.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Trail Mix Day 2018.

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