National Dog Day

National Dog Day or Dog Day is celebrated on August 26 of every year. Dogs have been assisting the humankind ever since their vestige. The celebration of the National Dog Day began as to appreciate the dogs and honor them for their faithfulness. The day also bring in some form of awareness among the people to help those who are homeless and abused. Dogs are the human’s best friends, and no other living being would understand the owner better than dogs. Spend a day for those selflessly enduring pet as kind of tribute. So why not we celebrate a day for these lovable beings who purely love us with any expectations? The National Dog Day celebration will not be complete if you don’t appreciate your dog or the dogs which are serving for the man in various fields.

“Dogs have both an outer and inner beauty, an ability to love and a spirit that connects with humans in a way that cannot be replicated by any other living thing” – Colleen Paige

History of National Dog Day

The National Dog Day is founded by Colleen Paige of National Dog Day Foundation in the year 2004. Colleen Paige is a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate who is continually working for the welfare of the animals. She is also the founder of  National Puppy Day, National Mutt Day and National Cat Day. Colleen Paige had been bringing the awareness among the people about the plight of the several animals. She is keenly encouraging the adoption of homeless animals. The date is precisely chosen as Colleen’s family had first adopted a dog named Sheltie on August 26 when she was ten years. So Colleen Paige had made the same date officially as to celebrate the Dog Day.  National Dog Day is celebrated for all the types of dogs from pure to the mixed breed of any family. Each day the dogs are serving selflessly under different roofs for the human welfare. They put themselves in pain to bring us comfort and let us live a safe life.

National Dog Day
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Dogs play a significant role in things which human cannot. It is assisting in personal protection, law enforcement, for the disabled, detecting bombs and drugs, military, companionship, and much more. Now dogs are even detecting cancer and seizures too. Why not an honor for such a lovely creature? National Dog Day is also commemorated as to safeguard the dogs which are left homeless or abused in any case. The celebration of this day looks for a shelter to every dog left on the road. The organization aims in rescuing 10,000 dogs each year. Furthermore, the another goal of the foundation, is it focuses on conveying the importance of buying only the pure breed of dogs. It is also recommending those who wanted have a dog must not buy it from the pet stores as it is illegal. It is actively encouraging the dog ownership irrespective of the breeds to provide all dogs to live a happy, safe and abuse-free life. Helpfully celebrate National Dog Day and honor the dogs, a first domesticated animal as they are perfect companion from the history of mankind. More notably, the former President, George W. Bush, a dog owner himself had sent a letter to the National Dog Day Foundation in support of the National Dog Day.

Other Celebrations on August 26

August 26 is also celebrated as

How to Celebrate National Dog Day

There are infinite ways with which you can celebrate National Dog Day. You can adopt and provide a shelter for a homeless dog. Take for medical check up to ensure it is living a healthy life. You can even arrange a National Dog Day party for the dogs from your neighborhood and friends. Take your dog to a spa and give him a massage. Any form of favor you provide for the dogs which are in need will also be a celebration. Take a selfie with your dog or post your National Dog Day celebration on the social media using the hashtag #NationalDogDay or #DogDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy National Dog Day 2018.

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