National Candy Cane Day

National Candy Cane Day is celebrated on the day after Christmas of every year.  A candy cane is a cane shaped boiled sweet stick candy. It is mostly associated with Christmas holidays. It is a commonly white with stripes of red colour and flavoured with peppermint. Not only peppermint it is also made with the variety of characters with different colours. The cinnamon flavoured candies are quite popular. It is otherwise known as Santa’s cane. 

History of Candy Cane Day

There is an Interesting about how the candy canes came into existence of Christmas holidays. According to Folklore in Cologne, Germany in the 17th century, The candy canes were first introduced when a choirmaster needed to find a way to kept the children quiet during the Christmas Eve holidays. He ordered peppermint Candy Canes from a local confectioner. But choirmaster had a few twists of his own by steeping them into religious symbolism. Initially, he requested the candy canes should be in the shape that they could be the visual presentation of sorts of the candy canes that the shepherds were coming to visit the baby Jesus might have had.

National Candy Cane Day
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National Candy Cane Day

Some peoples say that when sticks are turned upside down they become letter J, which stands for Jesus. Further, he asked that the sticks be in red and white colour. The white colour symbolises the sinless and pure life of Jesus lived. The red colour symbolises blood lost by the Jesus when he was crucified for sins of humanity. However, there is no evidence for this story and historians of candy cane have disputed these ideas. But you can enjoy the candy cane day with or without knowledge of the origin of Candy Canes. The largest candy cane was fifty-one feet long and it was made by Geneva pastry, chef of Alain Roby in 2012.

How to Celebrate Candy Cane Day

Nearly Two billion Candy Canes were made every year for Christmas Holidays.Candy Canes can be served as an additive to hot chocolates and other drinks. They can be used to decorate Christmas Trees. You can use #NationalCandyCaneDay to post on social media.

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