Monkey Day

Monkey day is an unofficial holiday comes on December 14 of every year. While the day is entirely about monkeys and other human primates such as tarsiers, lemurs and apes are also celebrates. Monkeys are mischievous, cute, downright annoying and fascinating creatures created by God. Some species of primates are endangered, and there are queries about animal rights and their usage in medical research. That’s why this Day is celebrated to raise awareness about non-human primates.

History of Monkey Day

In 2000. An art student named Casey Sorrow at Michigan University had written “Monkey Day” on his friend’s calendar as a prank. But then they celebrated that day with other art students at Michigan State University, and later Casey Sorrow collaborated with his fellow Michigan State University student on the Fetus-X comic strip, where the day was mentioned and from then the day was popularised. From then the day was celebrated internationally every year.

Monkey Day
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“Wearing a Monkey suit lets you know where you stand as an actor.” – Kelly Stables

In addition to the Monkey Day website, Casey Sorrow also maintains a blog called “Monkey in the News” which discusses the primate related information’s around the world and comes out with a list of the top ten primate-related stories from the past year every Monkey Day.

How to Celebrate

You can celebrate by spending the day in the nearby zoo’s because there is the number of zoo’s around the world organising some special events on that day. Or you can simply wear monkey costumes because some peoples will do like that and even hold competitions for that. You can use #MonkeyDay to post on social media. It’s our duty to support and promote primate related causes among the peoples

There are nearly 1200 National Days and, you can celebrate every day with!

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