Kite Flying Day

Kite Flying Day comes on February 08 of every year. Kite Flying is a type of wind affect like the leaves on the trees, and it is specially invented to spy the enemies and also to send the messages.It can be constructed from leaves, silk, paper, etc., These are some who used initially as tools and ceremonial too. Culture has several symbolic places, in that kites had a part.Hence Kite Flying Day is a perfect day to enjoy the outdoor fun and also as a hobby.

History of  Kite Flying Day

The creator or inventor of Kite Flying Day was still unknown. Usually we eager to watch the high-flying tricks, in that type of eagerness, Kites can fulfill our enthusiasm quickly. It had been invented in China during the 5th century. It should be designated as heavy more than the aircraft with the wing surfaces like the air drags also should lift around them. Also, Kites are symbols to show Gods awakening from sleep. In Gujarat, Kite Flying is a regional event for several years. Innovative kites are showcased when people from all across the world participated.In China, kites date back in 470 B.C. and also for fishing, people of South Sea Island were using kites.In India, Prime Miniter Narendra Modi in the presence of Governor Dr. Kamla in 2012 event.

Kite Flying Day
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Kite Flying Day

How to Celebrate

Celebrating the Kite Flying Day is quite simple and can make children’s happy by singing the Kite Flying Song. After parking, the kite on wind doesn’t hurry to bring the kite back to earth.To take the worries or sadness, you have just let the kite to fly. To express your feelings in social media, you can use #KiteFlyingDay.

There are nearly 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with Happy Kite Flying Day.

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