Mountain Day

International Mountain Day was first established in December 2003 by United Nation General Assembly. Mountains are some of the natural, high, regal structures that stood against the sky. From 2003, it has been observed every year to create awareness about the importance of mountains in people’s life and to highlight the constraints and opportunities in mountain development and to build alliances. That will bring great change to mountain peoples and environment across the globe.

International Mountain Day
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International Mountain Day

Features of Mountains

  1. Mountains cover 22% of earth’s surface across the world and mountains attracts 15-20% of global tourism.
  2. Mountains are home to the 13% of the global population.
  3. Mountains contain 56% of global biosphere reserves.
  4. Peoples in mountains will have unique local knowledge, traditions and cultural practices.

History of International Mountain Day

From 2003, This day is created to bring awareness to the people about the things that we rely on mountains. In this year Alpine Convention launched Reading Mountain Festival with more events and with more partners than 2015. Between December 5 and 11 organisations,  restaurants and museums held some of the special events to promote modern alpine culture and Alpine literature. On this year IMMA members offer some additional exhibitions free of entrance charge on India Meteorological Development. Italy offers guided visit to the exhibition “Ex Libris Delle Montagne” in Museomontangna, Turin.

How to celebrate International Mountain Day

Mountain day can be celebrated in either fun cavalcade and in an educational way. Just discover the things that are offered by the mountain to by visiting the nearby mountain. you can create awareness to the people about the importance of mountain to our life by organising small events. You can use #InternationalMountainDay to post on social media.

There are nearly 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with!

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