National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is celebrated on August 2 of every year. A scoop of ice cream any flavour sandwiched between double layers of cookies or a bun or cake is Ice Cream Sandwich. It is a popular day in the US. Several countries have their way of preparing ice cream sandwich. For instance, in Iran Pistachio or a rose flavour is kept between two layers, in Vietnam, the ice cream seller sells the stuffed ice cream between two layers.

Honestly, I just go to restaurants to eat so I won’t die. If there was a pill I could take in January and then I wouldn’t have to eat again for the rest of the year, I would take it. Of course, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my chocolate cake and ice cream.” – Steven Wright

History of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Nobody In the world knows where the special National Ice Cream Sandwich Day is originated from or even the place where it has begun. There are more pictures, from 1900 of people eating them without paying anything except the penny. There are different delights in the sandwich, but the original delight is the vanilla flavour which kept or pressed between two layers of cookies or a bun. The present form of ice cream sandwich is a soft chocolate water glider some vanilla ice cream. But no issues that begin the ice cream sandwich has been a period of summertime enjoyment for an extended period. Sticky mouth and fingers surrounded by the white ice cream is the real happiness of all children and wanting another one in the soft heat of summer.

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Other Celebrations on August 2, 2018

August 2 is also celebrated as

How To Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

The real pleasure is eating an ice cream sandwich like a kid, get an ice cream sandwich and enjoy sitting down with a child and have it. Run around a little bit, laugh loudly and ask for another one. Instead of soft chocolate wafer just try it as they initially made it, or else sandwich delicious ice cream between two layers. Add some chocolate chips around the edge of the sandwich and try chocolate ice cream between vanilla wafers. Share this delightfully sweet treat with someone who has never had brought a smile on your face, seeing their wonders and awe on theirs. You can use the hashtag #IceCreamSandwichDay to spread awareness on social media.

Thank you for viewing the post. Celebrate every day with and Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2018.

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