Hugging Day

Hugging Day comes on January 21 of every year. It’s a dedicated especially to hugging. The main aim of the day is to motivate everyone to Hug their family members and friends very often. The studies have said that hug will reduce our blood pressure, relieve stress and trigger the removal of healthy hormones like oxytocin. Doctors have suggested that 4-6 hugs per a day are required for emotional and physiological human being. So Hugging Day is the perfect day to show your love to your family members and friends by hugging them.

History of Hugging Day

Kevin Zaborney from Caro, Michigan created the Hugging Day on March 29, 1986. The day was included in Chase’s Calendar Events. Zaborney’s Friend chosen the day January 21 for Hugging Day as it falls between the Christmas, New Year’s Day and the Valentines Day. Zaborney had considered that American peoples are very embarrassed to show their love in public and he created the Hugging Day to change that.

Hugging Day
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Hugging Day

The Hugging has proven to be having health benefits in the form of increasing the levels of oxytocin and reducing the blood pressure. It is not only to human beings, but there are also many species of animals are engaging in a similar exchange of warmth. Moreover, Hug is a simple form of physical intimacy not necessarily sexual. Hug involves closing the arm around the neck region of another person. Nick Vujicic holds the record for most number of hugs in an hour. He achieved the record by having 1749 hugs in an hour on 2010 in Expo Center, Oregon. Some of the schools in the United States of America had issued bans on hugs. Nowadays it becomes’s a practice among the teenage students when they greet other students in the farewell.

How to celebrate Hugging Day

Celebrating the Hugging Day is quite easy. Express your love to your Family members and Friends by simply hugging them. Create a Hug chain or initiate a group hug in honour of the occasion. You can use #HuggingDay to post on social media.

There are nearly 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with and Happy Hugging Day.


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