Handwriting Day

Handwriting Day comes on January 23 of every year. The Handwriting Day is created to take a pencil or pen and paper to practice and renovate the vintage Art of Handwriting. Handwriting refers to the individual’s particular style of writing with a writing instrument like pencil or pen. As the two peoples will not have the same writing style, Handwriting is used by the foreign experts and professors to test the correctness of the documents. According to Writing Instrument Manufactures Association, Handwriting Day is a perfect day to re-examine the clarity and strength of Handwriting.

History of Handwriting Day

In 1977, Writing Instrument Manufactures Association invented the Handwriting Day. Their aim is to advertise the consumption of pencils, pens, and papers. They choose January 23 as Handwriting Day in memory of the birthday of John Hancock, the first person to sign the Declaration of Independence. Handwriting which ‘s hard to read due to deformity or illegibility of letters is called as Worst. The doctors have bad Handwriting because of the bad Handwriting. As of the reports of Time, Doctors Handwriting kills nearly 7000 peoples per year. The vintage Art of Handwriting is almost out of date in the present technological world with full of spell checks and ability to change fonts and font sizes with ease. Hence Handwriting Day is a day to look back and think what the pencil, pen, and paper can do for us.

Handwriting Day
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Handwriting Day

How to celebrate Handwriting Day

Celebrating the Handwriting Day is quite easy. Just take the pen or pencil and narrate a letter to your friend or family members with your elegant style of writing. Try to minimize the usage of the computer to write anything. Instead of computer carry a  notepad and pencil or pen to take notes wherever you go. You can use #HandwritingDay to post on social media.

There are nearly 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with Happydays-365.com and Happy Handwriting Day.

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