International Guide Dogs Day

International Guide Dogs Day is celebrated on last Wednesday of every April. This year it is held on April 25. Guide dogs are trained dogs who assist blind and visually impaired people in their daily life to pass through various obstacles. However, guide dogs have few hindrances like being incapable of interpreting the road signals as they are color blind, they can not do the directing by themselves either. But these dogs are trained to pass obstacles, access public transportation, and other daily duties to help their dependent friend. International Guide Dog Federation was formed in 1942, to help blinded people with the guided dog. Mostly, breeds like Labrador retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds are trained for guide dogs. These dogs are almost taught for two years to be ready to help blind or visually impaired people. International Guide Dogs Day is celebrated to honor the guide dogs for their help and the people who put their effort to train such dogs.

All dogs can be guide dogs of a sort, leading us to places we didn’t even know we needed or wanted to go.” – Caroline Knapp

History of International Guide Dogs Day

Founder and the reason for creating this International Guide Dogs Day remain anonymous. However, the reference to service animals is recorded even in 16th century. The first animal training school was established in Germany during World War I. It was created to help the veterans impaired during the war service. After the first World War, Harrison Eustis, an American who lived in Switzerland is said to be the reason for the spread of popularity of guide dogs beyond Germany. A tour was held in America and Europe to convince and educate people about the abilities and helpfulness of service animals. Later the idea was spread quickly, and a lot of people started adopting the concept.

International Guide Dogs Day
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International Guide Dogs Day

Other Celebrations on April 25

April 25 is also celebrated as

How to celebrate International Guide Dogs Day

International Guide Dogs Day is celebrated by honoring the service dogs and talented trainers who train them. Be thankful to them for the help they do to make the living easy for disabled people. One can observe this day by taking part in International Guide Dogs Day with people coming from worldwide. One can show their love by giving their dogs some special treat. Anyone can recognize the service dogs for the extensive work they do to help their owners. One can spend some time in reading some stories about these dedicated dogs.Sometimes dogs do not just love pets they do lot more in saving lives of people by sacrificing theirs. Post pictures and share your thoughts on social media about International Guide Dogs Day by using the hashtag #GuideDogsDay.

Thank you for reading the post. You can celebrate every day with and Happy International Guide Dogs Day 2018.

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