Frozen Yogurt Day

Frozen Yogurt Day comes on February 06 of every year. Frozen Yogurt is a frozen dessert made with yogurt, and sometimes other dairy products will be added. It is an ice cream, and since using milk instead of cream, it is lower in fat. Recently it is termed as low- fat or light Ice Cream as it differs from Ice milk and regular soft serve. Frozen Yogurt may contain some live and active bacteria cultures. Hence Frozen Yogurt Day is a perfect day to enjoy the tart taste of yogurt with your family members, friends, and even co-workers.

History of Frozen Yogurt Day

The creator or inventor of Frozen Yogurt Day was still unknown. People in the Middle East and India are eating Yogurt for nearly four millennia, and it was brought to the USA in early 1900’s. It gradually increased as a healthy food when the population gets increased. Dannon, Multinational Food Products Corporation in French started to sell Yogurt in United the States of America from 1930 as a prepackaged Yogurt. By the time of 1970 freezing and production, technology was transferred to the production of Frozen Yogurt as the popularity of ice cream surging, and consumers started to complain about the taste of Yogurt. So if you are looking for a heart-healthy dessert with all the flavor and punch of Icecream, just get out there and buy yourself a Frozen Yogurt.

Frozen Yogurt Day
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Frozen Yogurt Day

How to celebrate

Celebrating the Frozen Yogurt Day is quite simple and easy to remember. Just get out there and buy yourself a flavor of Frozen Yogurt and share with your family members and friends. To post on social media, you can use #FrozenYogurtDay.

There are nearly 1200 National days, and you can celebrate every day with Happy Frozen Yogurt Day.

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