Carrot Cake Day

Carrot Cake Day comes on February 3 of every year. Carrot cake is a cake made up of carrots mixed with batter. It has a soft and dense texture. Carrot Cake Day is a day to enjoy the taste of Carrot Cake with your family members, friends, and co-workers.

History of Carrot Cake Day

The creator or inventor of Carrot Cake Day is still unknown. From the medieval period, the carrots have been used to make sweet cakes. As the sweeteners were expensive and scarce at that time peoples used carrots as sweeteners. The carrots contain more sugar than the other vegetables, and it is easy to make delicious desserts with carrots. The origin of carrot cake is disputed around the world, and their recipes were made from 1827. According to Culinary Heritage of Switzerland, Carrot Cakes are most famous in Switzerland for the children birthdays. Carrots cakes usually made with less sugar, healthy oils and sometimes healthy nuts will be added to it. Carrot cakes have some healthier facts than the other cakes. Carrots cakes are packed with Health Promoting Beta Carotene which gives good vision especially at night times, and it will combat health-damaging free radical activity. During second world war, a businessman in the United States of America named George C. Page hired his master bakers to find the users for the cans of carrots, and he managed to promote the idea of carrot cake to create a demand for the product.

Carrot Cake Day
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Carrot Cake Day

How to Celebrate Carrot Cake Day

Celebrate the Day by enjoying the taste of Carrot cakes. Either you bought from the local bakery or of your made. Then share with your family members and friends. To express your feelings on social media, you can use #CarrotCakeDay.

There are nearly 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with Enjoy Carrot Cake Day.

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