Buffet Day

Buffet Day comes on January 2 of every year. It is a day celebrated to enjoy the Buffet. Buffets is a system or method of serving meals were the foods will be placed in a single location, and the peoples can serve themselves by choosing the food that they like. Buffets are held at different locations like restaurants and hotels and may be in several social event programs. So Buffet Day is a day to enjoy the meal by heading into the favourite buffet style restaurant.

History of Buffet Day

The Buffet day has originated from brannvinsbord, a type of schnapps made in Sweden in the middle of 16th Century.  It slowly starts to develop in the 18th century and developed into the modern world around the beginning of 19th century. The Smörgåsbord buffet has not developed until the railroads were expanded into Europe. The Smörgåsbord buffet is a type of meal where the guests will be gathered before the dinner and have a small talk before the dinner.

Buffet Day
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This kind of buffet usually held in separate rooms where one room for men’s and another room for women’s. In 1939 the Smörgåsbord buffet became internationally as “smorgasbord” in Newyork world’s Fair Exhibition. The term Buffet is referring to the French Type sideboard furniture where the food has served but populated in the English-Speaking world in the 20th century after the Sweden popularised the smorgasbord in New York.

How to Celebrate Buffet Day

Celebrate the Buffet Day by visiting the nearby Buffet-Style Restaurant with your friends, family members or co-workers and enjoy the dish that you like most. You can invite your friends and host Buffet lunch or dinner at your home. For more entertainment host themed potluck Buffet where everyone has to bring two or more dishes that fits the theme. You can use #BuffetDay to post on social media.

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