Backward Day

Backward Day comes annually on January 31 of every year. It’s a day where the entire world gets turns upside down, inside becomes out; madness becomes sanity and day become night. Hence Backward Day is a day to bent all the rules and to do everything in backward.

“At the end of the day, we must go forward with hope and not backward by fear and division.” – Jesse Jackson

History of Backward Day

The Backward Day was created by the Sarah Nicole and Megan Emily Scott on January 29. 1961. They thought of making crafts and arts when they are milking cows in Miller family farm. Later in the evening they sat down and made the rules on January 31, 1962. The town people were doing things in backward when the two ladies were walking down the street. The day is popular among the school-aged kids, but there is no age limit to celebrate the Backward Day. Backward Day has an old history which is far older than the term of the day. In all culture there came a time when the societal rules got turned on their head. The country Rome has Saturnalia, the day when every social norm was turned on their head. Gambling is no longer forbidden, and the masters took the day to serve at the high table.

Backward Day
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Backward Day

How to celebrate Backward Day

Celebrate the Backward Day by doing everything in backward. There are the lot of ways to celebrate like walking in backward, try to speak and read in backward and put your clothes in backward. Start the day with and finish the day with breakfast. Sleep in the morning and do the work in the night time. Say “Bye” to the people who’s arriving and “Hi” to the individual who was leaving. People’s can use #BackwardDay to express their feeling on social media.

There are nearly 1200 National Days, and you can celebrate every day with Happy Backward Day.

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